I started writing this weekly grace blog about a year ago because of Covid isolation.  However, I have never written anything about Covid.

What is Covidical?

I guess it is time to jump out there on the battlefield and risk some opinions about what our country is experiencing.  When a scientist sees the corona virus under a microscope, they see some sharp barbs sticking out of the corona “ball.” To me, this is a picture of how science has been mixed with politics. I call this mixture “covidical.”

Not only will Covidical make people sick and even die, it also has deeply divided relationships in our country: including, churches, friends, coworkers and families. 

Who is the father of division?  Not God.  It is Satan.  I do not remember anything dividing our country in my lifetime like the division we are experiencing.  The division we feel the most is within our families, friends and fellow Christians.  We have been attacked by a deadly pandemic, but this pandemic has also attacked relationships. 

How do we deal with this division that is ripping our personal worlds apart?  I have to admit I have been caught up in this division and as a result made it worse.  In other words, I have joined forces with the enemy by trying to prove others wrong regarding their Covidical opinions.  

I think the first step is asking God to open our eyes to see that our country is under attack by the enemy.  May we see the division being wrought in our personal lives.  Not only are people suffering and dying from Covid, relationships are also suffering and dying.    

It is difficult to fight the division in our personal world until we first acknowledge the division.  The best weapon against division is love and unity.  The fruit of division is just the opposite.  By now we all know those in our lives with whom we disagree concerning Covid. We have felt this division up close and personal.  When we argue or try to impress our subtle or not so, opinion about Covidical on a family member or friend, we are adding to the enemy’s division.  The fruit of these conversations is not love.

Obviously, there are many disagreements we have had with our friends during our lives. Normally, we work through these in love. No big deal.  It is okay to disagree.  However, Covidical has become a tool of the enemy to deeply divide and even destroy relationships.  

How do we love someone we disagree with regarding Covidical?  We hold our Covidical opinions to ourselves.  If they keep pressing their opinions on us, we can say, “I think we disagree on these matters and I do not believe it is going to help our relationship to discuss them.  Can we agree to talk about the many other things that matter in our lives?”  Kaboom.  The work of the enemy is stopped in trying to destroy this relationship.

We all have opinions about Covidical and that is okay as long as we recognize that our opinions can be used as a weapon for division in relationships that matter.  We do not want the enemy to weaponize our opinions.  Take an internet sabbatical from expressing Covidical opinions.  

Lord, take us off the battlefield of division and bring healing to our relationships and our country.

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