About This Blog

Not sure how this blog thing is going to work. First time boy try to create a blog site thingy. I can blame it on Corona. Or give the credit to Corona.

About 20 years ago, I started a grace search. For my first 30 years as a Christian my understanding of God’s grace was unmerited favor. Full stop. That was all I ever heard preached or taught. Sounds easy to understand. We don’t merit His favor. Or we don’t earn it. To this day I am not sure why I started on this journey. But there was a tiny hunger in me to learn more. That tiny hunger grew and grew into a deep desire to understand and even know or experience His grace.

We were visiting my son and his wife in Connecticut at one of their bible studies. Afterwards I asked the teacher if he knew any books about grace. He recommended the Ragamuffin Gospel. As soon as we got back home I found the book and devoured it. I then began searching for other grace books. They were actually hard to find. As soon as I finished one I bought another. Eventually I could not find anymore so I started rereading the same books over several times.

These books were leading me to scriptures I had not seen before in terms of grace. I will close this first blog with a picture that developed in my mind. It was like I had been looking at the side of a mountain for years and all I saw was the side of a mountain. Now I was beginning to see a cave in that mountain. I was gradually approaching the cave. And stepped inside to find it full of amazing, sparkling jewels of all kinds. They were as far as I could see in the cave.

These jewels were His grace as it is expressed in our lives and His word. I was on a journey to discover the depths of His grace.