Romans 5 and 6 details the many results of Adam’s sin.  The list below describes the state of man before Christ came and died and our condition before we accept Him as our savior.

Before the Cross

Sin came into the world through one man

The judgement following one trespass brought condemnation 

Death spread to all men

All sinned

Because of one man’s trespass death reigned

Sin reigns in death

Judgement and Condemnation for all

We were all made sinners

We were enemies of God

We were ungodly

We were under the wrath of God

Many died through one man’s trespass

We are enslaved to sin

Sin has dominion over us

Wages of sin is death

From Rom 5 & 6: Grace offered after we accept Christ as our savior;

After the Cross

We are justified by faith

We have peace with God

We have access by faith into His grace

We rejoice in the hope of His glory

God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

While we were still sinners Christ died for us.

We are justified by His blood.

We are saved from His wrath.

We are reconciled to God by the death of His Son.

We are saved by His life.

The grace of God and the free gift of the grace of one man, Jesus, abounds to many.

This free gift following many trespasses brings justification and life to many.

When we receive the abundance of His grace, we also receive the free gift of righteousness.

We reign in life through Jesus.

We are made righteous.

Grace reigns through righteousness leading to eternal life.

We are baptized into His death.

We are buried with Him by baptism;

We are raised with Him from death to walk in newness of life.

We are united with Him in His death and resurrection. *  

Our old self was crucified with Him.

We are no longer enslaved to sin.

We have died and are set free from sin.

We now live with Him.

Christ was raised from the dead and will never die again.

He now lives to God.

We are also dead to sin and alive to God.

Sin will no longer have dominion over us.

We are not under law but under grace.

We have been set free from sin and are now slaves of righteousness.

*Footnote—It says were/are untied with Him in His death and resurrection.  The definition of united—born together with, of joint origin, implanted by birth or nature, grown together or planted together.  Apply these words with His death and resurrection and we get a picture of our oneness with Him.

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