Living in the Here and Now

I have been parked on Romans 12 for a while. More specifically, Romans 12:1.

“Therefore, I urge you brethren by the mercies of God to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship”.

Paul is urging us–exhorting, encouraging, beseeching etc. This is something he wants us to take seriously. The word urge should get our attention. We are encouraged to do this by the mercies of God–these mercies are deep down in God’s heart where His compassions reside, His longings for us.

By these mercies, Paul is calling us to present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice which is acceptable to God. He wants us to present our lives to Him which includes everything; our thoughts, emotions, circumstances, wounds, trials, burdens, sorrows, guilt, doubts, fears, hopes, dreams…

To present is to place at one’s disposal or to bring into one’s fellowship or intimacy. We cannot present ourselves on our own strengths, rather by His mercies. Imagine with me. By His strength and grace, we are lifting our hands into His presence, at His throne. In our hands are all of the things we carry in our lives today. We lift everything to Him and lay them at His feet. This is the living sacrifice He accepts. He is pleased as we lay our lives at His feet. In fact, our lives are a holy sacrifice.

Who knew everything in our lives at this current moment can be a holy sacrifice? However, it does not become a sacrifice until we give it to Him. When we hang onto our lives, they will weight us down. When we lift everything to Him, our lives become holy. And, this becomes a holy worship time.

I would say Romans 12:1 is a daily urging because when I wake up each day, it is somewhat different than yesterday. And, I want to worship Him every day. Something else happens during this personal time with God. We begin living in the moment. What an amazing thought, to live in the moment, not in the past or future but enjoying the here and now. We have just offered our lives to God, so what is there to worry about? We can then begin to enjoy Him and His peace in the here and now.

Romans 12:2–(…transformed by the renewing of you mind so you may discern what is the good and pleasing and perfect will of God). When we offer up our lives as a holy sacrifice, our minds are renewed and we are able to discern His will for our lives.

Lord, lead us each day as we offer up everything in our lives to You as a holy sacrifice that we may be renewed and walk in Your will for us today. That we may fly as the eagles fly in freedom from our burdens, enjoying all that is around us each minute of the day.

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