Heb 7:25–Therefore, he is able to save completely (forever) those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to intercede for them.

The phrase that jumped out at me was “always lives to intercede”. Jesus is always interceding for us. Always. This intercession by Jesus is mentioned several times in the NT. Another in Romans 8:26…the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

One reason, among many, that the Spirit intercedes for us is because we are weak and do not know how to pray ( Romans 8:26.) Thus we approach prayer with humility. When we do pray He wants us to pray according to His will.

When I read the scriptures above, a flowing waterfall comes to mind. This flow, to me, represents His intercession for us, everyday, every minute of our lives. Most of the time we are weak and do not see or are not aware of this flow of His intercession. However, He wants us to join in with His intercession. He wants to teach us how recognize when the Spirit is interceding so we can be one with this intercession.

We get a glimpse of His intercession to the Father for us in John 17:

“I am glorified in them-vs 10. Protect them by your name…so that they may be one as we are one-11. May my joy be completed in them-13. Protect them from the evil one-15. Sanctify them-17. May they be one in us so the world may know you sent me-21. May they be made completely one-23. I want them to be with me where I am so they will see my glory-24. That the love you loved me with may be in them-26.”

Even though Jesus prayed this 2,000 years ago, I believe He is still interceding in a similar manner today. Years ago, when I would have to go into a hospital and fill out the usual paperwork, there would be a question asking for religion. I always answered: “Christian”. And, the nurse, or whoever, would stop when she was going over the answers. ” Uh, what church do you go to?” Back then most people put their denomination. My verbal answer to the church question was, “Christian”. Usually they would hesitate, not sure how to proceed just looking at me and I would just look back at them. They always had trouble accepting Christian but I guess did not want or know how to argue for a more acceptable religion answer for that box.

There are so many Christian religions or denominations in the world today. We are divided. However, Jesus is interceding to God for us asking that we would be one the same way He and God are one. I want to join in that waterfall of prayer, asking God to unite His church, His body into one, not many. He also says in verse 21 that our oneness will result in the world believing in Jesus. Which begs the question–What does our division result in? However, I do believe we can be one even if we belong to different denominations.

May You teach us to pray with your Holy Spirit. May we join the flow of your intercession as it relates to our lives, the people in our lives and may you remove any barriers that divide us from other believers.

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