Before the Journey

In “About This Blog” I wrote about the start of my grace journey. As I was on my Corona bike ride yesterday, I was contemplating the prelude to the grace journey. How did it come about? This is my best answer so far. Many years before 2000, a good friend gave me a list of scriptures. These were scriptures that illustrated God’s perspective of us. I had never seen a list like this. They were fascinating.

I had a long commute to work, about an hour or more each day. Before I started the engine, I read one of these scriptures then I sort of meditated on it as much as I could until I got to work. I think the list was two pages. I did this for a few years. Then, instead of meditating on these scriptures I began meditation on Jesus. I would picture Him in my mind. That is it. No prayers just Him with me.

This was very difficult. My attention span was about one minute then my mind wondered. I would catch myself and return to Him. Eventually, I was able to focus for maybe five minutes. The struggle continued until I arrived at work. I spent time with Him again on the way home. I say struggle because of my lack of ability to focus but the experience itself brought peace. In fact, after about a month of this I started noticing a peace in me at work that was not there before. Then I realized I must have been carrying around anxiety at work and home.

This special commute time with Him continued for many years until I retired. However, it was a few years after it began that I started a grace search. I believe He planted this desire to learn more about His grace deep down in me the way a farmer plants a seed. It was like He was watering this seed with my quality one-on-one time with Him. This desire to learn more about His grace grew and grew. It became an almost unquenchable thirst. And it continues to this day.

I believe He plants various seeds of hunger to learn more about Him and His word in each of us. One way to recognize this hunger is when we start asking questions. I had an unlimited number of questions about His grace and still do. Questions are a way to dig below the surface of our current understanding. I think they are a manifestation of God at work in our lives. Whether we ask questions to our friends, family or bible time, we are really having a conversation with God. Whatever journey you are on, keep asking, keep digging.

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