New Creation

I mentioned our death in my last or first blog. We died with Jesus. He took us with Him to His grave. He was buried in a tomb. My wife recently wrote an Easter greeting to friends and family. In it she added a photo of a large rock rolled away from a tomb somewhere in Israel. Just like a cemetery gravestone our names were written on the rock that was miraculously rolled away from His tomb.

Something else happened when that rock was rolled away. Not only did He come out of that tomb but we came out with Him. We were born again, a new creation occurred. The old us was left in the grave and a new us came out or up from His and our grave. We shared in His death and in His new life.

What is this new life, this new creation inside of us? We are born of Him. We now share His nature. We have a new DNA so to speak. It is not of this world. We are born of His Spirit. We have been made one with Him.

This was another precious stone I saw in His cavern of grace He was revealing to me. A new life, a new creation born of Him given to us as a free gift.

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