Digging Deeper

The longer I walk with the Lord the more questions I have. I will look at scriptures I have read for years and reflect on the meaning of one word or sentence. One of the first scriptures I found back when I started the grace search was in Romans 6. It said I died with Jesus. What? No one ever taught or preached that unless I was not listening. How could I die with Jesus 2,000 years ago? He died. Yes. But me… I spent a long time pondering and reading and seeking Him on this truth. I began to realize the me that died with Him was the sin nature in me. It had to die. Then I realized true freedom only comes through death. When I died with Him He freed me from sin. I was enslaved to sin but by dying with Him He set me free from sin. This was such a revelation that it was all I talked about for a year or so to whoever would listen. It was one of the first glistening jewels or stones I saw in this new grace cavern. Freedom from sin is grace. It is a gift I cannot earn.

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